We help make your organisation secure

At neocyber we understand the complexity of securing your business in an increasingly challenging digital world.

We bring our experience from securing the largest enterprises to help our customers develop an effective strategy, roadmap and execution plan to ensure your organisation is secured in the best way for your business.

Our services

Consulting & Advisory

We work closely with you and your team to understand your organisation's security needs and outcomes. Then we provide the advice and services to help you achieve them.

Strategy, Planning & Execution

We help you define a security roadmap and execution plan to align your security needs with your business goals and secure your organisation from cyber threats.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We help clarify your organisation's security risk and compliance requirements then ensure the appropriate governance is in place to ensure your business is secure.

Consulting & Advisory

Maturity Assessment

We assess your current security posture to understand how secure your business really is. We focus on Australian industry and government standards and maturity models to provide recommended steps for addressing identified risks.

Standards & Compliance

Gain a solid understanding of the relevant industry standards and compliance requirements relevant to you. Know the options available to meet obligations utilising best practices.

Business Cases & Proposals

Partner with us to help you define your security needs and outcomes to conduct RFPs or engage with suppliers to uplift your security tools, services, processes and company security posture.

Technology Advisory

Review and understand the tools and services you need to ensure your organisation is secure in the current and future cyber threat landscape.

Strategy, Planning & Execution

Strategy & Roadmap

Develop an effective and achievable strategic roadmap from an in-depth understanding of your business, capabilities and external obligations.

Security Service Management

Design, define and manage security services to be used internally or provided by third parties to your organisation.

Architecture & Design

We can provide you with experienced professional security architects to design, plan and help secure your business using an outcome-based approach.

CISO as a Service

Stay focused on your business while we bring our experience and knowledge to you as and when you need it.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Audit & Assessment

We can help you understand your organisation's level of compliance and maturity against internal, industry or government standards and requirements.

Culture & Awareness

What is the culture of security in your organisation? How susceptible are your people to social engineering, phishing, etc? Enhance your organisation's security awareness through our program of education and training.


What are the governance processes you have in place to ensure your organisation is secure? We can help analyse, design and deliver the appropriate GRC processes and systems to manage your obligations and risk.

Security Testing

Do you regularly test your security controls and culture to ensure your IP, data and people are safe? We work with your team to design testing to determine the effectiveness or your controls.

Where we are

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We operate in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

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