Who we are

We are a team of highly experienced security professionals. We come from diverse backgrounds, have worked across multiple industries, both as technical specialists and in high-level management. Our experience has shown us that many organisations are unprepared for today's security threats. We are passionate about educating and helping businesses to secure their enterprise.

Mark Belfanti


MARK has over 20 years of consulting and delivery experience in security services for organisations across the construction, mining, engineering, insurance, finance and telecommunications industries.

He has a passion for helping companies define their security strategy and design, then building a program to deliver a secure environment for the company, their customers and their services.

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Chee Teoh


CHEE has over 20 years experience in business consultancy and technology delivery for businesses building organisation, team and/or technology capabilities.

His current focus is on cybersecurity and digital transformation with a focus on intelligent automation and data/AI.  He has experience working in and with start-ups, small businesses, and large corporates.

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